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Sarawak, The Land Of Hornbills

Interested to find out the most fascinating Sarawak travel destinations and tourist attractions? Want to know more about the hidden paradise of Borneo, a land where civilization coexists with the primitive?
<br.If you do, then you have come to the right place. For the next few minutes, allow me to have the pleasure to be your travel guide to the absolutely intriguing paradise of Sarawak.

Sarawak, also known as “The Land of Hornbills“, is the largest state in Malaysia and is located Northwest of the Borneo Island. It also shares its borders with Indonesia’s Kalimantan province in the South and Brunei and Sabah in the Northeast.

Sarawak has a long and interesting history. The history of Sarawak dates as far back as 45,000 B.C. where human fossils from that period were discovered near the Niah Caves.

Sarawak was formerly a dependency of the Brunei Sultanate. However, in 1841, the Sultan of Brunei relinquished control of the state to the British under the command of Sir James Brooke.

Later, Sir James Brooke proclaimed himself the King of Sarawak with the title “Rajah of Sarawak and for the next three generations, the white Rajahs, as they were called, reigned the state.

During World War 2, Sarawak was occupied by the Japanese, and when the Japanese surrendered in 1946, the British regained control over the state and Sarawak then became part of the British colony. In 1963, Sarawak, together with Sabah, Singapore and Malaya formed the Federation of Malaysia.

Today, Sarawak is developing state with a population of 2.3 million people made up of 27 ethnic groups. The main indigenous group here are the “Dayaks“, and they are made up of the Ibans (the Sea Dayaks) and the Bidayuhs (the Land Dayaks). The other ethnic groups are the KenyahPenanMelanau and Kedayan. Each of these ethnic groups have their own unique culture and heritage.

There are so many Sarawak travel destinations to explore, I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll just start with Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak.

Kuching (meaning Cat in Malay), is a beautiful bustling city situated by the river and is approximately 32 kilometres away from the coast.

To explore the rich historical heritage of Sarawak, you can visit the three main museums which are located in the city – the Sarawak Museum, the Tun Razak Museum and the Sarawak Islamic Museum.

There is even a Cat museum (yes, you read it right…Cat museum) here in Kuching. This museum is the first Cat Museum in the world and is devoted to all things feline. You can find a wide range of exhibits, photos, feline art and cat souvenirs here.

Kuching was upgraded to a city on the 1st of August 1988 due to its rapid economic development and increase in its population.

To commemorate this historic event, a gigantic statue of a white cat was erected on the borders between the northern and southern parts of the city.

The other Sarawak travel spot that you should visit when you’re here is the Kuching Waterfront Park. This park is Kuching’s unique characteristic. You would definitely be mesmerized by the beauty of the green environment and the cleanliness of the areas surrounding the park.

From morning to night, this area is always filled with bustling activities and all sorts of interesting programmes.

I remember the last time I was there, they had a break dance competition going on and the waterfront park was really crowded with people.

If you come here during the Carnival, you would surely enjoy watching the unique and interesting cultural performances of the various cultures.

During dusk, the Waterfront park begins to transform. With the beautiful sunset along the horizon, the evening breeze, and the porters of sampan (small boat in Malay) retiring for the day; the hawkers inside the park are just beginning to get busy. The hawkers here serve local delicacies which are delicious and would definitely tantalize your taste buds.

And while you’re waiting for your food to arrive, you get to enjoy and beautiful scenery of the park and appreciate the melodious music of the park.

Sarawak attractions are not only limited to urban areas. In fact, some of the most fascinating Sarawak travel destinations are located in rural areas.

Due to the fact that two thirds of Sarawak is covered with lush tropical rain forests that is rich in flora and fauna, Sarawak is home to 11 National Parks and 2 Wildlife Centres.

Here, the largest cave chamber in the world, the longest canopy skywalk and one of the most spectacular natural limestone formation in the world will leave you bewildered and amazed.

The National Parks and Wildlife Centres that are situated in Sarawak are:

  • Kubah National Park
  • Tanjung Datu National Park
  • Gunung Gading National Park
  • Bako National Park
  • Batang Ai National Park
  • Similajau National Park
  • Niah National Park
  • Lambir Hills National Park
  • Gunung Mulu National Park
  • Pulau Talang & Pulau Satang National Parks
  • Loagan Bunut National Park
  • Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Matang Wildlife Centre

These National Parks and Wildlife Centres are home to some of the most exotic wildlife and amazing flora and fauna in the world, from the smallest bird to the biggest moth in the world! The biggest (and also the smelliest) flower in the world, the Rafflesia can also be found here.
The few Sarawak Travel destinations and tourist attractions I’ve just shared with you here are just a few out of many many places of attractions. There are just too many Sarawak travel destinations and tourist attractions to fit into this one page. Therefore, I’ll be starting (and constantly updating) a new section on this page specially dedicated to the amazing and beautiful Sarawak cultural and ethnics. So, do check back often!

Meanwhile, if you are planning or have already planned a vacation to Sarawak and will be coming here soon, it would be helpful to have a Sarawak Map (requires pdf reader) to make your traveling easier. A Kuching Map (requires pdf reader) would also come in handy when you’re on your vacation there.

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